Cleanup Systemized Kitchen CENTRO

Cleanup’s flagship series based on the theme, ‘The joy of preparing meals,’ for those who genuinely enjoy and take pride in cooking.

Make your kitchen the centre of your life

We have review every function in the kitchen and researched every possibilities.


After working hard step by step, a completely new stainless steel systemised kitchen “CENTRO” is now available.


It is just the right kitchen which will be loved by every generation and people from every continent.


Our goal is to provide a perfect high quality Japanese kitchen.

The core value

Function and forms are firm and uncompromising. Monument of technology by going into the heart of requirement in kitchens.


Craftsmanship, latest stainless steel technology, ergonomics.A whole new level reached by being the manufacturer specialised in kitchens.


A kitchen that makes you want to invite guests and deepen bonds is now available.A new chapter of stainless steel systemised kitchen begin

Double Gard against scratches and soiling

Two secret make the CENTRO series inherently sanity


-To keep your kitchen in ideal shape, always a grade cleaner-

Cooking, serving, cleaning will be efficient. “Centre Position Design”

We have review every waste and pursued improvements on efficiency


We have upgrade every function and storage to create a stress free cooking environment.


With the Centre Position Design, an ideal kitchen work is now available.


CENTRO Center Position

CENTRO Countertop

CENTRO Craftsman

CENTRO Cube Design

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